LinkedIn Articles of the Week

Each week, a new article is posted to the LinkedIn Common Core Collaboration Group.  You can find a link to each article here.

2014-2015 School Year

Week of December 1st ~ What’s the Make Movement and Why Should I Care?

Week of October 27th ~ Core Connections from ASCD

Week of October 6th ~ 9 Ideas to Help Explain Common Core to Parents

Week of August 25th ~  Six Characteristics of Great PD (and great classrooms)

Week of August 18th ~ Common Core Math Tips for Every Teacher

Week of August 4th ~ What the Common Core Standards Mean for Special Education Students

2013-1014 School Year

Week of June 16th ~ Common Core Playbook

Week of May 19th ~ The Right Blend

Week of April 28th ~ Two Districts, Two Approaches to Common Core Curriculum

Week of April 7th ~ Flipping, Follow Up, Modeling, and Reflection

Week of March 24th ~ Make the Most of Education Conferences

Week of March 17th ~ Closing in on Close Reading

Week of March 3rd ~ Research Refutes Publisher’s Common Core Claims

Week of February 17th ~ The Teaching with Primary Sources Journal

Week of February 10th ~ New Tools Gauge Fidelity of Lessons to Common Core

Week of January 6th ~ School Districts Face Common Core Test Tech Requirements

Week of December 16th ~ Five Strategies to Infuse Common Core State Standards with Social Studies Instruction

Week of December 9th ~ Meet Your New PD Tool

Week of December 2nd ~ Five Musts for Mastery

Week of November 18th ~ You Want Me to Read What?!

Week of November 4th ~ Building on The Common Core

Week of October 28th ~ Adapting the Core

Week of October 21st ~ Common Core Under Attack

Week of October 14th ~ Effective Teacher Professional Development Crucial to Common Core

Week of September 30th ~ New Literacies and the Common Core

Week of September 23rd ~ The CCSS and Science Writing: What Science Teacher Should Care About and Implementing the Common Core Mathematical Practices

Week of September 9th ~ Primary Sources: At the Heart of the Common Core State Standards

Week of September 3rd ~ Planning a Comprehension Instructional Sequence Lesson

Week of August 12th ~ Experts in the Classroom

2012-2013 School Year

Week of July 22nd ~ Charlotte Danielson on Teaching and the Common Core and Close Reading in Elementary Schools

Week of July 15th ~ Math Teachers Strive to Bring Core to At-Risk Students

Week of July 8th ~ Big Shifts Ahead for Math Instruction

Week of July 1st ~ From Common Core Standards to Curriculum: Five Big Ideas

Week of June 24th ~ Exactly What the Common Core Standards Say About Technology

Week of June 17th ~ Will CCSSM Matter in Ten Years?

Week of June 10th ~ History Teachers Teach the English Standards of the Common Core

Week of June 3rd ~ Common Core: Reading in Science Class

Week of May 27th ~ Implementing the Common Core State Standards: A Primer on “Close Reading of Text”

Week of May 20th ~ Instigating Thinking in Math Class

Week of May 13th ~ What Should Children Read?

Week of May 6th ~ Social Studies: On the Outside Looking In