What can I find on this website?

Welcome to the MS Common Core Collaboration website resource!  The goal is to provide educators with the resources needed to learn more about and confidently teach students the Common Core State Standards.  You can find a variety of resources through out the website.

The Common Core State Standards tab contains:

~ links to the official Common Core website, PARCC, and the CCSS Math Toolbox

The K-6 Educators tab contains:

~ a page for every standard with web, document, mobile, and IWB resources

The 7-12 Educators tab contains:

~ **This is a work in progress

The K-12 Educators tab contains:

~ websites that hold multiple grade level and/or subject area resources

~ website links to other state / school districts

The Administrators tab contains:

~ **This is a work in progress.

The Professional Development Resources tab contains:

~ documents, website, and webinars educators can use for PD

~ links to the LinkedIn Articles of the Week

The Parents tab contains:

~ weblinks parents can use to further educate themselves on Common Core

The About and Contact Information tab contains:

~ ways you can contact the MS Common Core Collaboration Group

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